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Data Analytics GUI Toolbox

Design an interactive data visualization experience

The toolbox provides an interactive experience to visualize data, extract features and build predictive models. The objective is to automate aspects of the feature engineering optimize predictive model performance. If you are interested in expanding your staff email me at:

The Vision To Finish

User Interface


Build an easy to use modern graphical Interface

Feature Extraction


Integrate High Dimensional data embedding, numeric interpulation, data preprocessing

Access Cloud  Data

Read and write data from Amazon S3 and Azure Blob Storage and more  

Predictive Modeling

Create predictive models through deep learning, multi-class.

Feature Automation

Automate aspects of feature engineering to optimize predictive model results.


Bring your data to life with an interactive data visualization experience. Drag n' drop to plot geographic and time series data. 

UI Table

Learn how to easily set, extract and display information through the user interface table. The UI Table comes equipt dynamic properties to edit callbacks, color display, extract data, upload data and more.  

UI Slide Bar

The updated UI Slide offers more customizability than ever before. From color to slide style the update provides a new dimension of design for the data visualization experience. 

UITree Interface

Upload tables, then drag n' drop to Axeso plots or join data between tables through a primary key or alternate key data interpolation.

UI Push Button

Create user interface push buttons, with a wide variety of customizability. From color to curvature the UI push button has you covered.

UI Menu Bar

Expand your design pallet with a Multi-Page interface experience. Create a spacious interactive design experience to bring to life big ideas.

UI Toggle Wheel

Combining a toggle wheel and pie graph visualization into one elegant component. The Toggle Wheel offers callback functionality and more.

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