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UI Toggle Wheel

Combining a toggle wheel and pie graph visualization into one elegant component. The Toggle Wheel offers callback functionality and more.

Building a Toggle Wheel

 Creating an Toggle Wheel Graphical Object To create the whee; you must first generate the structure through funBuildo function


s = funBuildo('wheel',Tag,Position,...)


 Several Wheel funBuildo Structure Properties

Field:        Page

Type:        character vector 

Purpose: The page defines which page the wheel object will be defined on. To                          specify the page the user may use the menu bar.

default:    page is set to 'Home'.


Field:        Fields

Type:        1xn Cell string vector where n should be relatively small

Purpose: Specifies the toggle buttons in the wheels

default:   Fields no default is set.

Field:        Callback

Type:        Cell string vector

Purpose: Defines the the callback of the graphical object

default:   Color is set to 'none'.

After you have created the structure you may generate an object with it by calling the funControl function:


handles = funControl('wheel',handles,s)


Once you have loaded the structure the object has been uploaded. There are several dynamic methods you may perform on the object returned in handles. Such as.



obj = handles.(Tag); % pull object from handles

handles.(Tag).Visible = 'off'; % turn visibility off

handles.(Tag).Visible = 'on'; % turn visibility on


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