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Bring your data to life with an interactive data visualization experience. Drag n' drop to plot geographic and time series data. 

Building an Axeso

 Creating an Axeso Graphical Object To create the axes you must first generate the structure through funBuildo function


s = funBuildo('axeso',Tag,Position,...)


 Several Axeso funBuildo Structure Properties

Field:        Page

Type:        character vector 

Purpose: The page defines which page the axeso object will be defined on.                      To specify the page the user may use the menu bar.

default:    page is set to 'Home'.


Field:        FontSize

Type:        Double

Purpose: The Font size of the text displayed for the x-axis, and y-axis titles, 

default:   FontSize is set to '8'.


Field:        Color

Type:        1x3 vector with elements between 1 and 0, or defined string

Purpose: Defines the color for the background of the axes.

default:   Color is set to 'none'.



After you have created the structure you may generate an object with it by calling the funControl function:


handles = funControl('axeso',handles,s)


Once you have loaded the structure the object has been uploaded. There are several dynamic methods you may perform on the object returned in handles. Such as.



obj = handles.(Tag); % pull object from handles

handles.(Tag).Visible = 'off'; % turn visibility off

handles.(Tag).Visible = 'on'; % turn visibility on


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