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Database Elements

All databases offered by Golden Oak Research Group include: 

Location Information, Mean, Median, and Standard Deviation Statistics

Real Estate Dataset


The real estate dataset comes equipt with powerful features to aid in hedging financial markets and securities.

Variable Definitions


The document provides definitions of the variables included in the real estate data set as well as the ACS definitions. 

Deep Learning Design


Interested in optimizing your deep learning network. Read about the deep learning network golden oak employs.

Database Overview

Feature Performance

Hedging Real Estate

The underlying concept behind hedging strategies is simple, create a model, and make money doing it. The hardest part is finding the features that matter. At Golden Oak we make our priority to help eliminate the difficulty. We provide access to updated data long after purchase with no subscriptions.

Free Updates

No Subscriptions

Low Prices

Quality Data

The database provides the information you need to start making real money right now. With huge implications for high yield mortgage-backed securities and small business investment. 

Small Business

Mortgage-Backed Securities

Statistical Feilds

All interpolated statistical data include Mean, Median, and Standard Deviation Statistics. For more information view the variable definitions document

Mortgages & Owner Costs

Owner Costs

Household Income

Family Income

Gross Rent


Location Feilds

County Name

State Name, Id, Abriviation

Area Code

Location Type (City Town CPD...)


Zip Code

The location fields are derived from a variety of sources. The zip code, area code, and city were derived using a heuristic. All other locations used the Geo ID to cross-reference data between multiple datasets.  

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