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Golden Oak


by Alex Geiger

A Data Science Portfolio 

Thank You

The research and projects would not have been possible unless for the following which helped me query data, derived features analyze the data and build predictive models. 

Data Analysis

Data Science Projects

Learn About Our API
empowering research at low prices    

Access our data through an Amazon gateway REST API. Offering quality data at affordable prices. Helping pay for the website to showcase my portfolio for employers. For more information create an account and chat with us.

Modern GUI Toolbox

Notable Projects
A different kind of resume

Explore our innovate project portfolio and learn about our data-driven insights. Setting the gold standard for excellence.

Business Development

Company Deleveraging's

ACS Census Data

Company Performance

The data used in the projects was collected from a variety of sources including the American Community Survey Census, Bloomberg terminal API, Education Department Google Places API, and more.

Location Analytics
Insight at your fingertips 

Are you looking to go on vacation or buy real estate? Check out our location analytics page. We provide valuable insights people care about. Helping them explore new destinations and learn about the ones they already love. Try it out for your self on our new analytics page.







Modern UI Toolbox
Create a dashboard

Bring your data to life with an interactive visualization experience. Create modern tables and controls providing your users a familiar enjoyable experience. Now featuring drag n' drop to plot geographic and time series data.


The toolbox provides an elegant solution to many of the problems with Matlab's current GUI and APP interface components. 

Marcov Model Project
Find The Cheese

Watch a mouse learn from its environment in real time and create an effective policy to optimize its utility by avoiding cats and finding cheese.

Data Science Research

Education Research

The Education Database analyzes over a half-decade worth of school proficiency scores using Q-learning in conjunction with other statistical methods, our database is ideal for data analytics.


developed for real estate insight. The data offers familiar statistics on roughly 102,816 schools. Crafted to provide valuable insights and make better assessments. 


Our database has a wide variety of Schools ranging from Pre-Kinigarden to 12th grade, prisons, detention centers, and mental health centers. The data we provide on those schools include:

School Name

Grade Range

Statistical proficiency

School Location

American Community Survey

Our census database utilizes over 36,000 files to statistically analyzes roughly 37,000 geographic locations and  300,000 tracts with an average population of 1,200 people. 

The database provides the granularity for accurate features that can make a difference. Let us help you optimize your models at a price you can afford. Our products include:

Income Statistics

Rent Statistics

Education Statistics

Mortgage Statistics

Federal Reserve Data

M1 Money Supply

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