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Income Research


We cover a wide range of income statistics based on households, races, and genders.

Real Estate Research


Our real estate research mortgage costs, second mortgage statistics, and more.

Data Analytics Page


View our data through our easy to use interactive data analytics page.

Database Overview


The Education Database analyzes over a half-decade worth of school proficiency scores. Through Holt's exponential weighted moving averages in conjunction with statistical analysis, our database is ideal for data analytics.


For our real estate development project we developed an advanced school database which includes roughly 102,816 schools. The database provides the critical features for assessing real estate housing markets. ​

Database Feilds

Our school database packages have a wide variety of fields covering prisons, detention centers, mental health centers and pre-kindergarten to 12th grade. For more information on the fields such as definitions below please refer to the product page for more details. our products provide Note The number of school in our products is subject to change, please refer to the product page for more details.

Grade Range

School Name

Reading Proficiency

Math Proficiency




State Abbreviation




Zip Code

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