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Databases Available

All databases offered by Golden Oak Research Group include: 

Location Information, Mean, Median, and Standard Deviation Statistics

Gross Rent


monthly housing cost expenses for renters. contract rent, cost of utilities, and fuels. To learn more see information below.

Owner Costs


real estate taxes, insurance, utilities, condominium fee, mobile home costs.  To learn more see information below.

Mortgages & Owner Costs


 The sum of mortgages, home equity loans, contracts to purchase.  To learn more see information below.

Database Overview

Hedging Real Estate

Real estate hedging strategies have huge investment upside

potential. The idea is simple, model the relationship between real estate, business, and individuals. To capture the relationship apart from supply and demand we must analyze defining factors which sets the value of a geographical area. For instance, what may buy you a lavish loft in the suburbs, may only buy you a studio apartment on the lower east side of Manhattan, NYC.  ​​​

Database Feilds

Median Income Error

Median Household Income





Mean Income Error

Mean Household Income

State Abbreviation



Place Name

Our income database provides a variety of fields to help you find and define an areas income statistics. For more information on the fields listed below please visit our product page.

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