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Real Estate Hedging Dataset
  • Real Estate Hedging Dataset

    The database provides important features present in nearly every database we sell and much more. Providing you the opportunity to gain key insights and become better. For a full description of the real estate database go to our home page and look for the view research button or go check out our new analytics page.


    Notes: All interpolated statistical variables include Mean, Median, and Standard Deviation fields. The location fields were derived from a variety of sources. The zip code, area code, and city were derived using a heuristic from the government education department data. All other locations used the census Geo and Track ID to cross-reference data between multiple datasets.


              Statistical Variables

    • Second Mortgage: % of households with second mortgage.
    • Home Equity Loan: % of households with a Home equity Loan.
    • Debt: % of households with any type of debt.
    • Home Owner Costs: Sum of utilities, property taxes.
    • Mortgage Costs: Mortgage & home equity loans 
    • Household Income: Total income of people residing in household.
    • Gross Rent: Contract rent plus an estimated utility costs and fees
    • Gross Rent as Percent of Income: Rent as % of Income
    • Family Income: Total income of people related to the householder.
    • Age Demographics: Age demographic statistics.
    • Population Demographics: Population demographic statistics.
    • High school Graduation: high school graduation statistics.





    • Number of Feilds 65
      Number of Records 294,335
      Last Update May 13, 2018


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