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Household Income Dataset
  • Household Income Dataset

    The database provides records of Household income statistics for tract and block locations in the United States. The fields include statistical analysis of interpolated household income grouped statistics. see field information below below for more details.


    Notes: All interpolated statistical variables include Mean, Median, and Standard Deviation fields. The location fields were derived from a variety of sources. The zip code, area code, and city were derived using a heuristic from the government education department data. All other locations used the census Geo and Track ID to cross reference data between multiple datasets.


              Household Income Feilds:

    • hi_mean: The mean household income of record
    • hi_stdev: The standard deviation of household income
    • hi_samples: The number of income records
    • hi_sample_weight: Sum of the samples weights


              Location Key Fields:

    • UID: Unique golden oak Id for every location record
    • STATEID: State Census Bureau ID.
    • area_code: Defined via heuristic.
    • zip_code: Defined via heuristic.


              Location Information:

    • ALand: Square area of land.
    • AWater: Square area of water.
    • pop: Population of location
    • male_pop: Male population
    • female_pop: Female population
    • lat: Location latitude
    • lng: Location longitude


              Other Location Feilds Include:

    • place: Closest place as reported by the U.S. Census Bureau.
    • city: Closest city to record defined via heuristic.
    • county: Closest County as reported by the U.S. Census Bureau.
    • state_ab: State abbreviated name
    • state: Full state name
    • type: LocationClassification {City, Village, Town, CPD, ..., etc.}
    • Primary: Specifies if the location is a tract or a block
    • Number of Feilds                  24
      Number of Records          294,334
      Last Update May 13, 2018


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