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Offers incredible data at an even better price. With huge implications in real estate research.

Offers incredible data at an even better price. With huge implications in real estate research.

Fund Investment Research


Allow us to further the development of new and innovative algorithms to help us optimize your portfolio returns, model macro-economic data, and portfolio optimization strategies.

Toolbox Development


By investing you are supporting the development of free toolboxes we provide through the Matlab file exchange.  Become a part of our mission.

Help Make Data Affordable 


When you donate you join our mission in providing the every day, up and coming data scientists professional grade data at affordable prices donations aid in creating meaningful datasets at affordable prices. 

Includes geospatial data of major public and private schools located in the united states.

I'll never forget when I knew I wanted to build the GUI toolbox. It was a cold winters day; I had just finished a GUIDE interface program I had been developing for nearly half a year. My friends family were all there and to their, and when I demonstrated how it works, no one could get past the user interface ancient controls. The next day I thought about switching over to python, I thought about throwing away all my code I gave so much to create. Then I thought about other people who felt as I did right at that very moment. I'll never forget the pain I felt of embarrassment and disappointment. I remember thinking what can I do to make sure that I and everyone else never has to feel that same pain,


At that very moment, I knew I had to start the modern GUI toolbox project. We need your help to fund our modern GUI toolbox we have incredible new features coming out but we need your help. Please support our toolbox by donating today!

Database Research

Offers incredible data at an even better price, with huge implications for real estate research.

Includes geospatial data on the coastlines of every continent and major land mass.

Preforms far better than other benchmark coastal databases.

Our Services


At Golden Oak Research we provide quality Research, to help optimize Economic Analysis, Portfolio Analysis, and Hedging Strategies  through rich databases an innovative deep learning.

Real Estate Dataset


The real estate dataset comes equipt with powerful features to aid in hedging financial markets and securities.

Variable Definitions


All dataset products include definitions for the dataset fields and the underlying raw data that was used to calculate them.

Deep Learning Design


Interested in optimizing your deep learning network. Read about the neural network Golden Oak Research Group employs.

Optimize Your Portfolio

A big area of study I am interested in is how to structure an effective position in the market. Analyzing how to our hedge company and stock pricing algorithm we evaluate the impact of time to maturity and yield variation, helping you beat the market. Our portfolio is made up of largely of mid cap stocks.



Golden Oak Research Group also employs advanced hedging strategies such as Multi-Dimensional Black Scholes. Through linear stochastic programming, we are able to provide safe and effective returns from financial markets with little downside risk.

Multi-Layer Optimization

The platform features a multi-layer optimization architecture designed to maximize feature performance. The first layer is responsible for tuning the feature hyper parameter. The second layer is in charge of fine tuning the hyper parameters responsible for optimizing the features metric performance.



Signal Processing 

Feature Performance

The features performance is abstracted from the discontinuity between multi-classification kernel distributions. To improve performance the raw data goes through a robust per-processing algorithm to abstract the most meaningful kernel distribution.


Create a wide range of projects to exemplify the tangible and intangible qualities employers are looking for in their staff. interactive experience to visualize data, extract features and build predictive models. The end goal is to automate aspects of the feature engineering to optimize predictive model performance. My goal is to demonstrate to you the employer I am a perfect fit your company. If you are interested in expanding your staff email me at:

Economic Modeling

Economic Modeling

Today’s world is driven by data, providing the insight and understanding necessary to help companies grow in a competitive market. The motivation behind my work is to provide companies with the tools to effectively gain valuable insight into their company through predictive analytics.


With the onset of high-performance computing, companies are now able to evolve past Operations Research. Operations Research was first introduced during World War II by the British to assess the utilization of war materials based on science rather than wit. After the war, Operations Researched gained popularity in the civilian sector by improving productivity and efficiency, adding a new dimension to global markets. From finance to healthcare, manufacturing, transportation and every industry in between it revolutionized.


Artifical Intelligence, Data Science and Machine Learning is the future of Operations Research because it addresses the shortcomings of a linearly constrained model. Through the implementation cloud-based computing is vast. Therefore one of my hobbies is building a top-down economic model.

If we assume increase spending Increases income and we are able to predict income for a geospatial area on a granular scale then we are able to predict, spending, debt and a company deleveraging on a microeconomic scale. Understanding consumer spending, debt and a companies deleveraging are essential to understanding how the economy works on a microeconomic scale.




Median Rent

$1,250 USD

Median Income

$176,200 USD

Research Overview

The data instrumental to the research and development of the projects were provided by the following sources.

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