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Travel Time to Work Dataset
  • Travel Time to Work Dataset

    The following database provides records of travel time to work statistics for geographic and track locations in the United States. The feilds incude statistical analysis of interpulated time travel grouped statistics. See Feild Information Below:


         Time Travel Feilds:

    • Mean - The mean travel time to work of the location record
    • Stdev - The standard deviation of the location record travel time to work
    • Samples - number of samples used in record statistics


         Location Feilds Include:

    • id - Id of the location
    • State_Code - state code
    • State_Name - state name
    • State_ab - state abbreviated name 
    • County - county name 
    • City - The city name 
    • Place - The place name (town, city, village CPD)
    • Primary - Defines if location is a track and block group.
    • Zip Code - zip code
    • Area Code - area code
    • ALand -  Square area of land at location.
    • AWater - Square area of water at location.
    • Lat - latitude of location record
    • Lon - longitude of location record
    • Number of Feilds 18
      Number of Records 104,926
      Last Update Augest 18, 2017


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